Bottled Water

Our Bottled Water Types and Size Options

Tastes naturally fresh because it is bottled right at the source. It is free of organic matter and requires no artificial purification.

Available in convenient 3 or 5 gallon bottles or in cases of 10 oz., 16.9 oz, 20oz., or 1 gallon bottles.

A RO processed water with calcium, potassium, and magnesium added to the water to enhance the taste.

Available in convenient 3 or 5 gallon bottles or in cases of 16.9 oz or 1 gallon bottles

Steamed distilled mineral free water.

Available in convenient 5 gallon or cases of 1 gallon bottles and 55 gallon drums.


Benefits of Our Bottled Water

You can now enjoy the many health benefits of naturally pure Chippewa Spring Water or Purified Kandiyohi Premium Drinking Water delivered to your home, office or business with on time delivery.

Chippewa Spring Water and Kandiyohi Purified Drinking Water tastes great by themselves or enhances the natural flavors in tea, coffee, soup and all other water based beverages and foods.

  • *No Sodium
  • *No Nitrates
  • *No Chlorine
  • *No Caffeine
  • *No Preservatives
  • *No Lead
  • *No Carbs
  • *No Calories

Just Healthy goodness, consistent quality and great taste!

Water Coolers

We offer a variety of high quality water coolers for rent or purchase or you can use your own.


We offer a variety of convenient accessories for your bottled water coolers and bottled water.

Child Proof Faucet:
Keep children safe! The child proof assembly prevents accidental dispensing. They come in three colors. ( Red, White and Blue )

Dolphin Water Pump:
Great for the home, office, RV or cabin. The Dolphin pump fits 5 gallon bottles. Its quiet, soft touch operation pumps 8 ounces in a single stroke. No batteries required. Cleaning brush included.

Bottled Buddy Modular Racking System:
This sturdy unit is easily configurable and will never chip, peel, rust or corrode. The rack is able to store 5 gallon water bottles eliminating the mess of water bottles on the floor. Water bottles can be stacked and stored out of the way with this plastic system.

Flojet Bottled Water Pump:
This system delivers bottled water under pressure to a sink mounted faucet or to the water inlet of a refrigerator, icemaker or coffee brewer.

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