Drinking Water Systems

Bottle-less Drinking Water System

We offer a complete line of drinking water systems to supply clean, great tasting water in any environment or to treat any water condition.

We use the latest technology of Innowave and Crystal Mountain companies to tailor a solution for your exact needs. We offer a combination of micro filtration, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet disinfection to deliver safe, great tasting water, all without overbuilding an expensive solution that you don’t need.


A Fresh Approach and New Look

The innowave Chiller GF™ with UV brings a unique, fresh approach, and a new look, to point-of-use systems in the marketplace. Unlike a bottled water cooler, incoming tap water is treated as it’s needed, so the water is always fresh and great tasting. The innowave Chiller GF™ with UV has a cooling capacity that surpasses that of the ordinary bottled water cooler, so you are sure to get a cold, refreshing serving of drinking water every time.


  • BioCote Protection
  • In-Tank UV Protection 4-Liter, Stainless Steel Cold Tank
  • Built-In Leak Protection System
  • 3-Gallon Storage Reservoir – Easily Removable
  • Versatile Filter Bracket System Easily Converts Between Filtration and RO

  • Redundant Electrical and Mechanical Level Controls
  • Hot / Cold / Room Temperature Spigots
  • Large Dispensing Area Accommodates containers up to nine inches in height
  • 1.6-liter Hot Tank 185-degree, Non-Adjustable
  • Contemporary New Color Scheme

innowave Chiller GF™ Specifications

  • Width: 15.5 in. (39 cm)
  • Depth: 14.5 in. (37 cm)
  • Height: 45.75 in. (116 cm)
  • Water Connection: 1/4″ tubing

  • Weight: 58 lbs. (dry)
  • Power Supply: 120V/60Hz
  • Amps: 6.0 Amps (Hot/Cold)
  • All figures are approximate and subject to change

The Chiller GF™ has been tested and certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI-61: Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects for materials safety requirements. The innowave Chiller GF™ has been tested and complies with UL Standard 399.

The innowave Chiller GF™ Treatment Processes

Sediment Filtration

  • Reduces particles as small as five microns (0.0002 in.)
  • Reduces sediment
  • Adds to the life of the carbon filter

Micron Filtration

  • Traps contaminants as small as one micron (0.00004 in.)
  • Reduces chlorine and organic contaminants

Filtration (granular activated carbon)

  • Improves taste and odor
  • Reduces chlorine

Ultraviolet Light

  • Reduces heterotrophic bacteria
  • Valuable alternative to chlorine


  • Silver ION Additive inhibits bacterial growth on faucets, drip tray, front panels, and dispensing area


No More Bottles
Bottle-less drinking water technology means no more deliveries of bottles, and no more lifting and storing of heavy 5-gallon bottles. innowave® systems are designed to plumb into existing water lines and use modern technology to treat water, on site, at the point-of-use.

Minimal Manpower
With innowave® systems, there are never any bottles to lift, store or replace. This reduces the risk of lifting injuries and workers’ compensation claims associated with heavy bottles. To save you time and money, periodic preventative maintenance is performed according to innowave’s strict protocols, by a qualified service technician.

Decrease Bacteria
Bottled water coolers have exposed reservoirs that can become contaminated if not sanitized on a routine basis. Someone’s hands may be dirty when they are handling and changing bottles. Offer your employees better protection from bacteria with a self-contained, point-of­use system.

Increase Security by Reducing Deliveries
Many companies today are focusing on building security. By decreasing the number of unauthorized personnel on your premises, you are contributing to the safety and well-being of all associates. Additionally, you’re not blocking entries with delivery trucks, nor using up valuable space by storing water bottles!

Support a Better Environment by Reducing Waste
Bottle-less technology is environmentally friendly. According to the World Wildlife Federation, the conservation organization, bottled water puts 1.5 million tons of plastic into the environment, worldwide, each year. By changing to a point-of-use system, your company is doing something better for the environment by reducing waste.

Less Paperwork and Hassles
An economical innowave® system can save money and reduce billing-related hassles. With an innowave® system, there’s a level payment plan every month, regardless of usage. If you’re charged with managing budgets while being accountable for quality, innowave® water systems are right for you.


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